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Do you want a four-day school week?

Schools around the country are considering the four-day work week to maximize budgets and deal with astronomical fuel costs. With a shorter week, these schools can save thousands of dollars a year on busing costs and school utilities.
Schools in ColoradoNew YorkMinnesotaKentuckyNew MexicoNevada, and Utah are all trying out the four-day work week. The programs are mostly in rural areas where school districts spanning hundreds of miles.
Nevada superintendent Bob Dolazel instituted the four-day week to maximize class time for athletes. He detailed the advantages in this www.eschoolnews.com report:
"Our motivation at the time was improving the amount of instructional time our students have," said Dolazel, schools chief since 2000. Sporting events, he said, cut down on students' class time because some games were more than 100 miles from White Pines, meaning teams would have to leave with several hours left in the school day. With only 115 students in the school, having a couple dozen leave for an athletic event was detrimental, Dolazel said. Now, all athletic events are scheduled for Fridays and Saturdays, meaning class is not interrupted by team schedules.
It's a hit in rural areas, but could it also work for you?
Things to consider:
  • Students and teachers have a longer school day four days a week to complete the state’s required instructional hours. Will kids be too burnt out by the end of the day?
  • Will working parents struggle with daycare?
  • Will longer weekend and more free time be better or worse for students?
Will the 4-day school week work for you?
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