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Welcome to the Teachhub Blog: Favorite Teacher Movies

Hey teachers,
What can I do for you?
No really, please tell me!

I’m just a lowly little web editor working with a grassroots teacher organization in the outer suburbs of Chicago and I need some help. Our organization is launching a website, Teachhub.com, that will be K-12's one-stop shop for top recommendations, resources, ed news and classroom tips for teachers by teachers.

Here is the thing….we need some help with the whole “for teachers, by teachers” part. We have been working with a team of amazing local teachers. These teachers have been unbelievably helpful, but want to hear from more of you! We need as much teacher input as we can possible get.

We want to help teachers from all over the country from every grade level and specialization. We also want to make Teachhub.com a fun site that you’ll actually enjoy visiting.

So what am I actually asking you to do?

Simply check in with the blog when you can and leave us your comments. What do you hate?
What do you love? What are you positively obsessed with?

We’ll have daily polls, quizzes, hot teacher topic requests, and updates on how we are working your ideas into the site.

Let's start with a kickoff question: What is your all-time favorite teacher movie?
Please post your answers in comment!
(Personally, Dangerous Minds is battling Dead Poet’s Society for my top spot).

P.S. Have extra input? Want to write for Teachhub?
Of course, I’m dying to hear any other advice, ideas, stories or expertise you’d like to share with me. We are also looking for writers for daily articles on the site, so please email me at acondron@k12teachersalliance.com or teachhubblog@gmail.com

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